City of Macomb Historic Homes Plaque Application

City of Macomb Historic Residential Home Plaque Program

Program Purpose
The City of Macomb Historic Residential Plaque Program is being initiated by the City of Macomb Historic Preservation Commission in cooperation with the McDonough County Historical Society in 2017, and up to four (4) homes may be recognized each year. The plaques, which appear on historic properties in Macomb, are a way to increase community awareness of architecturally and historically significant properties, which promotes a sense of pride in local historic preservation. Homeowners or organizations conduct research on the history of their property. Upon completion of an application and fee, the City of Macomb Historic Preservation commission reviews the application to see if the structure qualifies for a plaque, which is awarded based on the property’s architectural and/or historical merit during the month of June.

Application Process
The completed application form from the home research resource packet should be submitted with:
• An 8-by-10-inch current color photograph of the property illustrating structure or site features to be considered
• If possible an 8-by-10-inch historical photograph of the property illustrating structure or site features to be considered
• Documentation of research of the structure’s date, architectural style and other related historical significance

The application will be reviewed by the City of Macomb Historic Preservation Commission. If a property meets the appropriate criteria, the plaque may be approved for issuance. Arrangements will be made with the individual property owner for the plaque presentation in coordination with the annual Heritage Days celebration. Throughout the plaque application process, community development staff members and members of the Historic Commission are available for consultation. To use the Western Illinois University archives, contact the Archives in Malpass Library on the campus of Western Illinois University at 309-298-2717 for an appointment.

1.What is a City of Macomb Residential Historic Homes plaque?
The plaque recognizes Macomb residential homes considered architecturally and/or historically important to Macomb. It identifies homes that are significant to Macomb’s history through the integrity of their location, architecture, materials and historical association.
2.Does my home qualify?
The first step is to request a packet of information from the City of Macomb’s Community Development Office (309) 833-4944. The information includes resources for research that can also help owners in their quest for documenting the building’s age and prior ownership. You can contact the City of Macomb Historic Commissioners or WIU archives.
3.Will the plaque restrict remodeling or renovations I plan to do?
The plaque will not interfere with an owner’s rights in making changes or improvements to their property. However, the issuance of a plaque does not reflect or offer tax credits or abatements for rehabilitation projects or properties.