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Due to the phase out of 3G cellular networks and service, Go West is unable to track their
buses on the Go West app. With that said, over the last couple of months, Go West has obtained
feedback from staff, students, and residents in regards to how the app is used and what they would
like to see available to them while using the app. With this feedback, and the discontinuation of
3G tracking devices, Go West has decided go out to bid to see which provider can best meet the need
of our passengers, drivers, and agency. The bid process could take up to a few months to finalize
before a new app is available to the public.

While the app is not available, you can access our current schedule on our website at Public
Transportation | City of Macomb or on Google Maps. Hard copies of the map are also available on
each Go West bus. To stay up-to-date on Go West service please follow us on Facebook (Go West
Transit | Facebook) where we will post route delays and cancellations. You can also contact
dispatch at 309-575-3333 with any questions regarding the Go West routes.

Go West is looking forward to updating their app and adding components that will increase its user
capabilities. Please feel free to email the Transit Director, Miranda Lambert, at
mlambert@cityofmacomb.com with any recommendations and/or concerns regarding the new Go West app.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we address this change in

Much appreciated, Miranda Lambert

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