L.I.F.E. Adult Education Class-Oakwood Cemetery Tour

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A tour will be given of Oakwood Cemetery, 1027 North Randolph Street, on May 28th, 2022 at 2:00 pm by John Hallwas.  The tour will focus on notable women who are now buried in Oakwood Cemetery (such as:  Matilda Jane Randolph, Josie Westfall, Ruth Tunnicliff, Clara Bayliss, Mary Ewing, and others).  The cemetery is on land that was there and owned by the Randolph’s.  The tour will last about 90 minutes.  An alternate date of May 29th would be given for the tour if it rains.  The meeting place would be the sexton’s office on North Randolph Street.  The cemetery has great historical significance and is worthy of a tour by John Hallwas who knows a great deal about the cemetery.

This tour of Oakwood Cemetery, now an official state historic site, will visit the grave sites of fascinating women. Some made social contributions during their lives, while others struggled — one was even accused of murder. The tour will begin with a brief history of the cemetery, then moved to the stories of some marvelous women. Matilda Jane Randolph, along with her husband, William, founded the cemetery. Adeline Wilson, the wife of Macomb’s first mayor, was celebrated by the community and known as “Grandma 11 Wilson.” Rebecca Montague, a pioneer woman, was convicted of murder, despite no evidence. Josie Westfall, matron of the county orphanage for decades, also foster parented over 500 children. Ruth Tunnicliff, a bacteriologist, discovered the cause of measles and developed the first serum to prevent the disease. The wonderful historic quality of Oakwood Cemetery and the great local tradition of female struggle for justice and social commitment will be two emphases of the program. Note: Wear shoes for walking on the gravel lane and cemetery lawn Professor Emeritus John Hallwas is also the author of “Here to Stay: Reflections on the Dead in a Small-Town Cemetery” (2012), available at New Copperfield’s Book Service.

Coordinator: John Hallwas
Class Session: Saturday, May 28; rain date Sunday, May 29 at the same time
Time: 2 – 3:30 p.m.
Place: It begins by the Illinois historic site marker, across from the sexton’s office.
Parking: At the site
Maximum Enrollment: 35; Cost: $5

To Register Visit www.wiu.edu/sao/outreach/adult_learning_op/LIFEmacomb.php or register by phone at 309-298-2717

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