Liquor Advisory Commission

A liquor control advisory commission is given its authority by State law and by ordinance of the city council. The commission shall have the following powers and duties:

To perform the duties and functions requested by the local liquor commissioner and the city council; and

To be present at hearings held by the local liquor commissioner, sitting as a silent observer and submitting an advisory opinion to the local liquor commissioner on the decision and penalty.

The Liquor Advisory Commission shall consist of three members appointed by the mayor, with consent of a majority of the city council. Each commission member shall serve a three year term. The three year terms shall be staggered. A member whose term has expired may be reappointed for another three year term. The initial terms shall be as follows: one member shall serve a one year term, on shall serve a two year term and on shall serve a three year term.

The commission meets when there is business to address scheduled by the mayor.

Marshall Ervin
Wendell Seals
Steve Horrell

City Staff:  Julie Adair, Recording Secretary