The Cafe Outdoor Seating Grant

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The Café built an outdoor seating atmosphere through the City of
Macomb’s Outdoor Seating Grant program with a $25,000 award. The Café was able to
add permanent fencing, outdoor furniture, and umbrellas including sun sails. This grant
enabled the Café to provide their customers with a more comfortable outdoor space to
enjoy for a longer period each year. The City of Macomb was able to secure the funding
through the Department of Economic Opportunity’s CURE Economic Support grant which
was funded through the CARES federal program.
“Thank you to Chris Trotter, Collins Concrete, Bill Howard, Duke Oursler, Chad Hunziker,
West Side Lumber, Steve Schmitz, and City of Macomb for the opportunity of the Outdoor
Seating Grant,” stated Tim & Matt Kipling, Owners of The Café.
For more information about The Café follow on Facebook/The.Cafe.Macomb. Hours of
operation are as follows:
Monday: 3:00PM-1:00AM
Tuesday: 3:00PM-1:00AM
Wednesday: 3:00PM-1:00AM
Thursday: 3:00PM-1:00AM
Friday: 3:00PM-2:00PM
Saturday: 3:00PM-2:00PM
Sunday: CLOSED

Left to Right: Mayor Michael Inman, Vicky Kipling, Matt Kipling (Owner), Tim Kipling (Owner), John Bannon (Community Development Cooridnator)
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