Public Works

Macomb, Illinois

Public Works

The Public Works Department has the responsibility for the City’s infrastructure. There are three divisions within the Department. The Wastewater Treatment facility oversees the sewer plant and collection system, the Water Treatment Plant treats drinking water, and the Operations Division addresses maintenance of the city streets, storm sewers and water distribution system. The Oakwood Cemetery is part of the Public Works Department having the responsibility of maintaining all aspects of the cemetery as well as performing grounds upkeep for various city properties.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

The Macomb wastewater treatment plant treats wastewater collected from homes, businesses, and industries in the Macomb area.  The wastewater is cleaned using conventional activated sludge treatment processes prior to being discharged to the Kiljordan Creek.  The solids collected during treatment are further treated so that they can be used as a fertilizer supplement on farm fields.

Water Treatment Plant

The Macomb Water Treatment Plant has a capacity of 4 million gallons per day from two parallel treatment trains: one for surface water treatment and one for groundwater treatment.   The facility serves the City of Macomb, including Western Illinois University, and 3 satellite communities.  System pressure and emergency water storage is provided by two elevated water towers.

Operations Division

The Operations Division is responsible for maintaining the City’s infrastructure.  Typical duties include road/alley maintenance, water main break repair, snow removal, storm sewer maintenance, street sweeping, maintenance of over 4,000 trees, sidewalk replacement program, street sign installation/repair, and decorative street light maintenance. 

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Public Works Director
233 Center Street
Macomb, Illinois 61455
Phone: (309) 833-2821
Fax: (309) 836-7707

Wastewater Treatment Facility
Josh Peters, Manager
901 W. Grant Street
Macomb, Illinois 61455
(309) 833-2088 Phone
(309) 837-1363 Fax

Water Treatment Plant
Brian Mcllhenny,  Interim Water Plant Manager
1412 N. Randolph Street
(309) 836-3916
(309) 837-1003 Fax

Street Division

Brad Whitford, Operations Manager
233 Center Street
(309) 833-2821
(309) 836-7707


Oakwood Cemetery
Mike Fisher, Grounds Maintenance Supervisor
N. Randolph Street
Macomb, Illinois 61455
(309) 833-5100
(309) 318-0425 Phone

City Forester
Skipper Bowles
233 Center Street
(309) 833-2821
(309) 836-7707


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