City Forms

Macomb, Illinois

City Forms

  • Water Owner Application

  • Water Renter Application

  • Automated Payment Application

  • Automated Payment Termination Application

  • Special Events Permit

  • Mass Gathering Permit Application

  • EOFHC Complaint Form

  • Temporary Sign Permit Form

  • Sign Permit Form

  • Fire Suppression Application

  • Temporary Street Obstruction Application

  • Sidewalk & Transient Vendor License Application

  • Solicitors and Peddlers Application

  • Flags of Love Veteran Application

  • Citizen Request for Action

  • Downtown Parking Permit

  • Outdoor Cafe Permit Application

  • Outdoor Cafe with Liquor License Application

  • Death Record Search Form

  • Birth Record Search Form

  • Application of Raffles

  • Special Event Liquor License

  • Liquor License Application

  • Public Records Request

  • Public Records

  • Taxicab Application

  • Ride Share License Application

  • Public Site Furnishing Donation Request

  • Flags of Love Sponsorship Application

  • Utility Invoice E-statement Sign-up

  • Building Permits

  • Memorial Tree Donation Request

  • Sidewalk Matching Program Form

  • Video Gaming License

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Fast Facts

  • Channel 15

    Get the latest information and schedules for city council meetings, board meetings, and more information for your local viewing.

  • What can I recycle?

    Follow this link to get all the information you need for recycling and post this RECYCLE RIGHT fact sheet for reminders!

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