Community Development

Macomb, Illinois

Community Development

Community Development Office:

Eric Lenardt , Building Inspector

Lance Johnston, Code Enforcement Officer

Sam Moran, Code Enforcement Officer

Matt Flynn, Code Enforcement Officer

Billie McMillen, Rental Housing Inspector


The Office of Community Development is committed to increasing the quality of life in the City of Macomb, Illinois.

The Office works with other City Departments and staff, elected officials, other units of government, outside businesses and organizations, citizens, and all stakeholders to create a welcoming, safe, and prosperous place for residents, visitors, and new investments. With responsibilities ranging from permitting and zoning to historic preservation and TIF districts to building and rental inspections, the Office of Community Development supports the bright future of Macomb.

Going into more detail, the Office of Community Development is charged with multiple tasks including permitting, zoning administration, land use regulation, comprehensive and strategic planning, site plan and subdivision plat approval, brownfields assessment, contractor registrations, and historic preservation.  The office provides staffing to the City Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and Historic Preservation Commission.  The City of Macomb Enterprise Zone, two TIF Districts, and two business revolving loan funds are all administered through the Office of Community Development.  Finally, the Department houses the GIS server and software and produces maps for all city departments as needed.

In addition, the Department houses the building inspector services, rental inspection program and code enforcement operations. Permits pertaining to work on any structures, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, demolitions or work within a public right-of-way area are issued through the Department.

Building Codes Adopted 2021
International Building Code 2018
International Fire Code 2018
International Mechanical Code 2018
International Residential Code 2018
Table R301.2(1) (Ice & Water Shield Required)
International Property Maintenance Code 2018
National Electrical Code 2020 (Most Recent Addition)
Illinois State Plumbing Code  (Most Recent Addition)
Illinois Accessibility Code 2018 (Most Recent Addition)

J. Bannon Macomb IL
Community Development Coordinator
232 E. Jackson Street
Macomb, IL 61455
Phone:(309) 833-4944
Fax: (309) 837-1523


  • Site Plan Review Application
  • Application for Minor Subdivision
  • Application for Change of Zoning District
  • ZBOA Petition Form
  • Application for Special Use Permit
  • Revolving Business Loan Form
  • Contractor Registration Form
  • Application for Water/Sewer Service
  • Historic Plaquing Program Application
  • Landmark Designation Application
  • Temporary Use Permit Application
  • Downtown Renovation Grant Application
  • Downtown Revolving Loan Form
  • Outdoor Cafe Permit
  • Outdoor Cafe with Liquor License Application
  • Appeal to the Housing Board of Appeals
  • Application for Excavation for Development Permit
  • Application for Preliminary Plat
  • Certificate of Appropriateness Application
  • Sign Permit Form
  • Temporary Sign Permit Form
  • Fire Suppression Application


  • 2021 Rental Registration By Owner
  • 2021 Rental Registration By Address
  • Economic Development
  • Zoning Toolkit
  • Small Business Toolkit
  • Land Developments
  • Permits
  • Rental Inspections
  • Bulk Matrix
  • Use Matrix
  • Home Occupation Definition
  • General Building Permit Fee Schedule
  • Handicap Ramp Specs
  • Water Sewer Right-of-way Planning Commission ZBOA Fees
  • Basic Zoning - Purpose and Permitted Uses
  • Basic Zoning Document Update
  • Business Operation Ordinances
  • Fencing Guidelines
  • Home Regulations
  • Rental Inspection Informational Flyer
  • Services & Forms Booklet Update
  • Sidewalk Snow Removal Maps


  • Sample Building Permit Application
  • Sample Electrical Permit
  • Sample Application for Minor Subdivision
  • Sample New Plumbing Permit
  • Sample Right of Way Permit
  • Sample Demo Permit
  • Sample HVAC Permit
  • Sample Residential Rental Property Registration Form
  • Sample Water/Sewer Tap Service Form
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