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Rental Inspections

The purpose of the Rental Inspection Program are to help ensure a safer rental housing stock, protect property values, and improve accountability of rental units. Occasionally, problems in rental properties may occur. Tenants are encouraged to first contact their landlord about problems they have encountered that are in need of repair or maintenance.

However, if a landlord does not respond, a tenant can request an inspection of their rental unit. The rental inspector will send a full inspection report with all violations to the property owner. The property owner will be given a limited amount of time to correct the violations.

Inspection Process

When a complaint is received by the city, it is investigated by a police officer, city housing inspector or code enforcement officer, depending on the nature of the complaint. If violations of the property maintenance code or zoning ordinance are discovered, the owner or the tenant, depending on the violation, will be notified that necessary corrections must be made within a prescribed period of time. If the violations are not corrected, the city may initiate court proceedings against the tenant or owner. The city does not settle lease disputes between renters and landlords. Tenants should always pay their rent, even if the structure is in violation of city housing codes and ordinances. Non-payment of rent may be grounds for eviction from the structure by the landlord. To schedule an inspection, please contact the Rental Housing Inspector:

(309) 833-4944 Ext. 1261

Office of Community Development

232 E. Jackson St., Macomb, IL 61455

List of Landlords

The list of landlords can be found here in the forms on the Community Development section of the City of Macomb’s website.

For more information regarding landlord and tenant responsibilities contact the Community Development Office.  For a full version of the International Property Maintenance Code click here.  To view the full version of the municipal code rental housing chapter click here.

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